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"Let her Go" activity for High School EFL pupils on Moodle and more

Introducing an activity for High School pupils on Moodle based on a song http://www.screenr.com/AyLH

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Comentario de Eduardo Lina el diciembre 4, 2013 a las 6:03pm

While this activity is meant primarily for EFL intermediate to advanced pupils, I have used a more simplified version with a Special Education class that I teach. Engaging pupils by means of this popular song helped them learn words, sentences, etc. In addition, some could see (experience) that it is possible to learn English in a different way.

My pupils have been subject to traditional pen and paper work in English for too long (I mean, when reading, listening and writing, most of what they had done consisted of filling in missing letters, sentences and whatever on a worksheet or on a simplified book page). They deserve more than that, indeed.

I doubt my pupils understand each and every sentence of the song (most probably do not undestrand much more than that), but using songs with Moodle has helped me organize the stuff they learn in a way that stays on the course for further use. Pupils are encouraged to go back and review, as the resources and activities "are there" on their Moodle course 24/7.

Incidentally, I have even asked kids to chosse a song and upload the link to the You Tube video, and the link to the lyrics, too. Such an activity involves using New Technologies, of course.

Most of my pupils have computers at home, and it turns out that they are glued to their computer for hours. Some have told me that they spend time on their English Moodle course, so English goes beyond the classroom for them. Not bad... 




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